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Blitz Modular Cable Tray Systems

Blitz Systems are one-of-a-kind, modular cable support systems that simplify and speed up onsite installations by up to 60%.

All Blitz Systems rely on modular gripper patented designs that streamline installation for new and existing infrastructure. Our cable tray systems require up to 80% less fixing than traditional cable support systems.

Comprised of compatible modular components, all Blitz Systems are designed for the customisation of multiple configurations including hanging cable trays, trapezes, and ladder trays to suit various stud sizes and channel types.

Designed for commercial electrical, data networks, HVAC, and mechanical installations, Blitz cable tray systems minimise onsite labour costs, reduce materials and waste, reduce supply expenses, eliminate onsite frustrations, improve safety and gain compliance and peace of mind.

  • STUDBITE Multifix Bracket

    Revolutionise your trapeze system installations with our STUDBITE Multifix Bracket - the adaptable trapeze bracket  with multiple fixing options for of cable trays including the unique retrofit feature. No hot work is required, easily adjustable, and compatible with various stud sizes.

  • STUDBITE Install-Ready Trapeze Supports

    Scalable, modular, and compatible with various stud sizes and channel types, STUDBITE Install-Ready Trapeze Supports is a turnkey option for installations that demand adaptability, adjustability, speed, customisation and simplicity. 


    Simplify hanging cable tray and ladder tray installations with our BLITZ HANGER system. Experience faster installations, increased clearance height, and elimination of traditional support components. Directly fixable to M8/M10 threaded rods, with impressive Safe Working Loads (SWL) per hanger and pair of hangers. No drilling or cutting is required for hassle-free installation.


    Our BLITZ CLIP & WIRE system offers a simple yet robust suspension solution for various applications. Use the fast clip system for tensioning, ensuring secure suspension of cable trays, lighting, signage, and more. Compliant with ASTM standards, our Blitz Wire guarantees reliability and durability in diverse mechanical and electrical projects.

  • BLITZ Accessories

    Speed up your installations with our range of BLITZ Accessories, including drilling templates for cable tray trapeze supports layout, ensuring precise and efficient installations.

How do blitz systems compare to traditional cable tray systems?

Installation Speed

Traditional cable support systems often require extensive nuts, bolts, and manual adjustments, leading to time-consuming installations. In contrast, Blitz Systems' modular designs and intuitive installation processes enable significantly faster installations, reducing project timelines and labour costs.

Cost Efficiency

With traditional systems, the need for multiple components, manual adjustments, and potential rework can result in higher material and labour expenses. Blitz Systems' streamlined designs and efficient installation processes minimise material usage, waste, and onsite labour, resulting in substantial cost savings over traditional methods.

Ease of Use

Traditional systems may involve complex assembly processes, requiring specialised tools and expertise. Blitz Systems' user-friendly designs and straightforward installation procedures simplify the process, reducing the need for specialised skills and minimising errors during installation.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Traditional systems may lack the flexibility to accommodate evolving project requirements or changes in infrastructure layouts. Blitz Systems' modular designs and versatile components offer greater adaptability, allowing for easy adjustments, expansions, or modifications, without extensive rework.

Safety and Compliance

Traditional installation methods may pose safety risks due to manual handling, sharp edges, or inadequate support structures. Blitz Systems prioritises safety by offering robust, reliable solutions that meet industry standards and regulations, as well as being seismic compliant and fire-rated compliant.

No Need for Deburring Stud Ends or Hot Works

Unlike traditional systems which may require deburring of stud ends or involve hot works during installation, Blitz Systems eliminates these steps. Our innovative designs ensure hassle-free installation without additional preparation or safety concerns, further streamlining the installation process and enhancing overall efficiency.

Independently Certified for Seismic Compliance

Independently tested and certified compliant for bracing and securing suspended non-structural equipment and components (HVAC duct, conduit/cable tray, electrical, data and piping) within buildings, all cable support systems by Blitz Systems are tested to  ANSI/ASHRAE 171-2017 to comply with AS1170.4 for earthquake actions in Australia.

Independently Certified for Fire Compliance

In addition, Blitz System’s Studbite Suspension Support system is deemed a fully compliant fire-rated cable support system, certified in accordance with AS/NZS 3013:2005, in alignment with the National Construction Code (NCC) and New Zealand Building Code (NZBC).