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Drilling Templates for Studbite Cable Tray Trapeze Supports

To complement our STUDBITE Install-Ready Trapeze System, we offer Drilling Templates tailored for fast, precise, and efficient installation of your cable tray trapeze supports. 

These templates are designed to streamline the set-out process, eliminating the need for constant measuring, marking and pre-drilling the fixing positions for STUDBITE Trapeze system rod hangers.Available with hole centres to suit  150mm, 300mm, 450mm and 600mm cable tray widths.  Custom-made sizes are available upon request.For fast install, simply line up the centre markings on the template with a laser line and your hole centre measurements are all square, lined up and the same every time - marking out the soffit for your rod hangers becomes very fast & efficient.

Why Blitz?

At Blitz Systems, we're committed to transforming the way cable and HVAC support systems are installed onsite without hotworks. Our cutting-edge technologies are engineered to streamline installation procedures, saving you time, money, and frustration. Compared to traditional methods, Blitz Systems is 50% faster, empowering you to accomplish more in your day.

Our modular cable support systems are designed to revolutionise the industry. With patented technology, we've created solutions that significantly reduce installation time, labour costs, and materials, while ensuring compliance and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Blitz Systems Accessories?

 Blitz Systems Accessories are specialised tools and components designed to enhance the installation process of cable and HVAC support systems, particularly for ladder trays and trapeze installations. For now, Blitz only stocks Drilling Templates to assist with faster installation of trapeze and cable supports with STUDBITE Multi-Fix Brackets.

Are Blitz Systems Accessories compatible with existing infrastructure?

Yes, Blitz Systems Accessories and modular cable support systems are engineered to be with existing infrastructure and retrofitting. This provides installation flexibility and scalability, allowing contractors to easily integrate our products into electrical and mechanical projects.

What are the key benefits of using Drilling Templates for Studbite Cable Tray Trapeze Supports?

 The Drilling Templates eliminate the need for constant measuring by providing pre-marked hole centres tailored to suit STUDBITE trapeze widths. This ensures fast, accurate, and consistent installation of cable tray trapeze supports, saving time and reducing errors.

Can Blitz Systems provide custom-made sizes for Drilling Templates?

Yes, Blitz Systems can accommodate custom-made sizes for Drilling Templates upon request. Our team is committed to meeting the specific needs of your project to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

How do I order Blitz Systems Accessories?

Ordering Blitz Systems Accessories is fast and convenient. Simply visit our website and request a quote on the products you need or contact our sales team to place your order. We will provide a quote within 1-2 business days and we offer fast delivery to ensure your project stays on schedule.

Are Blitz Systems Accessories compliant with industry standards?

Yes, Blitz Systems Accessories are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards for quality, safety, and performance. Our products undergo rigorous testing and inspection to ensure compliance and reliability.

Can Blitz Systems Accessories be used for both electrical and HVAC installations?

Absolutely! Blitz Systems Accessories are versatile solutions suitable for a wide range of applications, including electrical and HVAC installations. Whether you're working on ladder trays or trapeze supports, our products are designed to meet your needs.

Do Blitz Systems Accessories come with installation instructions?

Yes, just like all of our products, each Blitz Systems Accessory is accompanied by clear and detailed installation instructions to ensure proper usage and optimal results. Our goal is to make the installation process as seamless and straightforward as possible for our customers.

What sets Blitz Systems Accessories apart from other solutions on the market?

Compared to traditional methods, Blitz Systems offers a remarkable 50% increase in speed compared to traditional strut systems. This allows you to accomplish more tasks efficiently every day.

Moreover, our patented modular systems significantly reduce installation time by over half, leading to minimised onsite labour costs and material expenses. By eliminating onsite frustrations and ensuring compliance, Blitz Systems Accessories set a new standard for streamlined and hassle-free installations.

11. Are cable tray accessories compatible with different types of cable trays?

Blitz drilling templates for cable trays are designed for use with Blitz patented-pending STUDBITE Multi-Fix Brackets.

Are Blitz Systems Ladder Trays customisable to fit specific project requirements?

Yes, Blitz Systems Ladder Trays are customisable to accommodate various project specifications. The modular nature of Blitz Systems and accessories means that you can customise and scale your systems to any size.

What is the difference between a ladder tray, cable tray and cable trapeze?

Ladder trays, cable trays, and trapeze systems are all used in the field of cable management in electrical and mechanical applications, but they serve different purposes and have distinct designs:

Ladder Tray

A ladder tray, also known as a cable ladder or wire mesh tray, is a type of cable management system consisting of a series of parallel rungs or channels resembling a ladder. These rungs are connected by side rails to form a rigid structure. Ladder trays are commonly used for supporting and organising cables in horizontal runs, especially in areas where cables need to be accessible for maintenance or additions.

Cable Tray

Cable trays are broader in scope and can refer to various types of cable management systems designed to support, protect, and route cables in buildings and industrial environments. They come in different configurations, including ladder trays, wire mesh trays, solid-bottom trays, and troughs. Cable trays provide a secure pathway for cables, helping to prevent tangling, damage, and interference with other systems. They are typically mounted on walls, ceilings, or floors and can be used for horizontal, vertical, or overhead cable routing.

Trapeze System

A trapeze system, or cable trapeze, is a support structure used to suspend and secure cable trays, conduits, pipes, or ducts from overhead surfaces such as ceilings or beams. It consists of horizontal bars or rods connected to vertical hangers, forming a framework that holds the cable management system in place. Trapeze systems are commonly used in applications where cable trays need to be elevated above the ground or other equipment to allow for proper cable routing and clearance.

In summary, while ladder trays and cable trays are specific types of cable management systems used for organising and supporting cables, trapeze systems serve as support structures to suspend and secure these trays or other cable management components in elevated positions. Each serves a unique purpose in efficiently managing and routing cables in various environments.