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Benefits of Cable Tray Installation for Australian Businesses

Benefits of Cable Tray Installation for Australian Businesses

Lachlan Rampling |

There is a pressing need for an efficient and adaptable method to manage cables in commercial and industrial facilities to implement a reliable power system. After much deliberation, there has been an influx of cable tray installation companies all around Australia, as businesses have benefited from a multitude of advantages compared to other installation methods. This article will explore the unique benefits of cable tray installation and what investors can gain from implementing it.

Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness

Cable tray types and installation are a practical and cost effective way to manage technology. Cable tray installation is likely to be cheaper than conduit systems in both installation and maintenance.When considering installation, cable tray systems may cut down on labour cost because there is no need to prepare the pipe for welding and cutting. Once the conduit is installed, it can only be used on one occasion, while the cable tray can be used repeatedly. Take an office as an example. Once cabling has been completed, the wiring indicator map can be updated on the cable tray without deconstruction and dismantling the entire system. Also, the maintenance fee for cable tray systems is relatively low, while the fees for conduit systems are relatively high. In high-rise buildings, the maintenance of the conduit in flooring requires the building to be cleared, often resulting in a longer repair time. Conversely, cable trays can meet the maintenance requirement without the evacuation of other personnel from the office. In this way it’s easy to see the efficiency of immediate cable tray installation cost, as well as for maintenance down the road.

Cable Management 

Cable tray installation allows you to easily and effectively organise your business tech hub, routing multiple cables that may otherwise be strewn across the floor or expensively embedded in flooring or walling. This keeps your workspace neat and aesthetically pleasing but it also allows you to easily keep track of connection lines, should you run into tech issues with any of your business’ equipment.

Shorter Installation Time: 

Simple and fewer parts allow you to install cable tray systems and other data centre components quicker than with other methods, providing less downtime for your business, giving you a clear advantage over any competitors who are transitioning through upgrades without commercial cable tray installation in place. 

Making Maintenance Easy:  

Cable tray installation maintains easy serviceability for workers, making maintenance more time efficient and reducing the amount of required personnel. From our experience, you will reduce installation costs by 30% and maintenance time by half switching to a cable tray system in a large-scale manufacturing plant in Sydney.

Flexibility and Adaptability

With their flexibility, cable tray systems can be resized easily to account for future expansions to and changes in your electrical systems. Broadly applicable to different environments and applications, here are some of the key features that make use of cable tray systems:

Looking to the Future

Your business can grow as your electrical infrastructure expands. Cable trays can be scaled up or down without redesigns.

Widely Usable

No matter what kind of facility you have – complex layouts or special environmental challenges – cable trays can be adapted to fit.

Case Study 

Planners who designed an office complex in Melbourne put in cable trays so they’d be ready for future technology upgrades. Eight years later, when it was time to lay new data cabling, it only took a few days for the workers because the way had already been prepared, making massive savings in time and cost for the company.

Improved Safety and Compliance

Safety is important for any electrical installation .Cable trays reduce fire incidents and fire accidents by keeping cables out of the way and housed in non-flammable materials. Cable trays also impede electrical incidents by giving a better isolation between cables. Considering current standard Australian regulations, Blitz Systems cable installations are far superior when it comes to safety than other methods on the market.

Properly fitted cable trays will greatly minimise the chance of a fire due to a fault in electrical or communications cable, and also ensure compliance with AS/NZS 3000 (wiring rules)


Enhanced Reliability and Durability

Made from tough steel, designed to take abuse in all conditions and carry heavy loads, cable trays are built to last. Their longevity means your electrical systems will be more reliable.

Durable Construction 

Containing steel and aluminium, cable trays can be used in tough industrial surroundings.

Less Downtime 

Great cable management means fewer derailments, supporting smoother business and lower maintenance costs.

Case Study

A mine in Western Australia replaced festoons with a cable tray system, and recorded reductions of up to 40 per cent in electrical downtime because of its hardness, a great case for improved efficiency as a result of cable tray system installation.

Optimised Space Utilisation

Space is often at a premium in commercial and industrial facilities. Cable trays provide efficient organisation of electrical cabling to maximise usable space:

Cable Trays

To save on-floor space,trays can be installed overhead or along the walls.

Space saving

For crowded or confined areas, cable trays are superior to traditional methods, keeping cable well out of the way of tripping hazards or other dangers.

Case study 

Installing overhead cable trays helped a Brisbane hospital improve cable management, freeing up useful space for medical equipment and improving efficiency in an environment where safety and efficiency are paramount.

Support for Advanced Technologies

Future Proofing

As businesses adopt new technologies, the demand for effective cable management increases. With his natural evolution of tech, cable trays keep access to your systems easy and streamlined, allowing you to make changes to your systems and make inevitable infrastructure changes with ease.

High Performance Storage

High performance data cables and fibre optics are central components for modern communication networks. Cable trays offer a superior solution for managing them in a variety of environments, keeping them out of the way but still in reach of maintenance work.

Case Study

An Adelaide-based IT firm installed cable trays capable of handling high-capacity data and communications cables in anticipation of the company’s future growth and continued ability to keep up with the highly technological industry. Blitz were able to easily help them put these measures in place, maximising their current technological reach while preserving their agility for future development.

With so many advantages offered by cable tray systems, the time to revisit your electrical infrastructure as an Australian business is now. To discover how cable trays can improve your facility, reach out to our experts today.