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How Blitz Systems have improved Star Groups productivity

How Blitz Systems have improved Star Groups productivity

Lachlan Rampling |

The cable support tray layout, like most sites, was intricate with the need to run data separate to power, and space was limited.


Installing the cable support trapezes utilising the Studbite Tray Support System provided such fast and efficient erection of tray support. This resulted in outstanding labour saving while placing the contractor a whole week ahead of schedule.



Delivery to site using a traditional strut would mean the deployment of a medium size truck and a forklift to offload the 6m lengths.


In the case of the Studbite product, a standard dual cab ute was deployed to deliver the product, where the Studbite product arrived neatly in clearly marked cardboard boxes and ready to install.


450 Trapeze Supports were installed consisting of 10mm threaded rods fastened to the underside of concrete structures with Studbite Adaptors and Channel Supports.